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Woodturning by Martin Woodhead

All my work comes from fallen trees around the Galloway Hills of South West Scotland, but mostly from the Noggin, a small patch of woodland on my own property.

I remove trees which have died and fallen or been blown down in the high winds, take them to my workshop and divide them into manageable pieces. The pieces are then seasoned for 12 months before I hand turn them into individual ‘one-off’ art forms and bowls. Each has a different grain, some with spalting or knots and natural edges – I work with these characteristics, letting the wood dictate, to retain a natural, organic feel and produce unique works of art.

Finished pieces are then stored in a humidity controlled environment for a minimum of six months.

This lengthy preparation and storage reduces cracking and warping, however, please be aware that wood is a natural material and is susceptible to moisture and heat creating possible movement over time. It is advisable to keep pieces out of direct sunlight and away from radiant heat sources.

Colours are representational – what you see on your screen may not match exactly the finished piece.
For more information and international delivery costs please contact me.

Martin Woodhead

Ceramics by Alan Boyson RCA 

ceramicist, muralist and sculptor - 1930-2018

Alan Boyson, a postwar & Contemporary artist, studied at Manchester Regional School of Art from 1950–1954 and at the Royal College of Art from 1954–1957. He was a lecturer at the School of Ceramics in Wolverhampton College of Art, during which time he established his own studio and began taking commissions.

An Associate of the Royal College of Art, Alan worked until 2004. He created many public works and murals including the Three Ships mosaic in Hull which has been Grade II listed thanks to the Hull Heritage Action Group petition signed by more than 5000 people in its bid to save it. The mosaic is also the subject of an arts film titled 'Ships in the Sky'. 

His mural The Tree of Knowledge, at the former Cromwell Secondary School in Salford, was given statutory protection by English Heritage.

Throughout his life Alan created many ceramic pots, sculptures, garden ornaments and plates, a selection of his plates are available for sale here. If you would like to buy please contact us.

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