Woodturnings by Martin Woodhead

Elm Root Bowl

Made from the Root of an Elm tree

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48.5cm max W x 8cm H

REF No 59

CIMG7960 (3).JPG

Elm Vase

25cm W  x 36.5cm H  £230

REF No 58

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CIMG8273 (2).JPG
CIMG8272 (2).JPG

Cherry Bowl

35.5cm W  x 11.5cm H  £200

REF No 57

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CIMG8295 (2).JPG

2 Elm Root Bowls

Made from the Root of an Elm tree

37cm x 9.5 cm And 24.5cm x 7.5cm

REF No 56

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CIMG8284 (2).JPG

Odd Couple
2 Elm Bowls

Tri Bowl  24cm x 15.5 cm 

REF No 55

Sq Bowl  17cm x 17 cm x 6cm H


CIMG8265 (2).JPG
CIMG8269 (2).JPG

Elm Crotch Bowl

32cm W  x 8.5cm H  £200

REF No 54

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CIMG7087 (2).JPG

Elm Hollow Form

21cm W  x 16.5cm H  £120

REF No 53

CIMG7277 (2).JPG

Sycamore Bowl

26cm W max x 15.5cm H  £120

REF No 52

CIMG7269 (2).JPG

REF No 51

Elm Crotch Bowl

28.5cm max x 9.5cm   £100

CIMG7272 (2).JPG

Elm Bowl 1

Elm end grain sallow bowl
32cm max x 3.5cm   £100

REF No 50

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CIMG7257 (2).JPG
CIMG7262 (2).JPG
CIMG7261 (2).JPG

Elm end grain bowl
32.5cm max x 5.5cm   £100

Elm Bowl 2

REF No 49

2 Small Sycamore Bowls  

CIMG7251 (2).JPG

16cm x 9cm

11cm x 7cm

£ 60

REF No 48

Square, Circle

CIMG5583 (3).JPG
CIMG5560 (3).JPG

Elm and Oak Bowl

24cm x 6cm

£ 120

REF No 47

CIMG7105 (3).JPG
CIMG7103 (2).JPG

Elm Bowl

Large Spalted Elm bowl
 39cm L x 34cm W x 12cm H
£ 220

REF No 46

CIMG4753 (2).JPG
CIMG4862 (2).JPG

Doughnut Vase

Made from spalted Sycamore 

37cm W x 94cm H

Height not including decoration 66.5cm


REF No 45

Egg Box

Sycamore Top Elm Base 
24cm x 17.5cm  £200

REF No 44

CIMG5734 (2).JPG

Hollow Form

Scottish Sycamore Hollow Form

23.5cm x 17.5cm  £110

REF No 43

Elm Bowl

Spalted Elm bowl

19cm W x 16cm H


REF No 42

Large Oak Bowl

A Big Oak bowl
35.5cm x15cm

REF No 41

CIMG5698 (2).JPG

Bird Cherry Bowl  


Bird Cherry Bowl with Gold rim

27cm max x 8.5cm   £125 

REF No 40

CIMG5466 (2).JPG
CIMG5461 (2).JPG

Sycamore Bowl  

Burnt bowl

26cm max x 8cm   £80

REF No 39

CIMG4463 (2).JPG

Larch Bowl

Live edge larch bowl, with a splash of colour

35cm x 13cm   £220 

REF No 38


Elm Bowl

Elm end grain bowl

36cm max x 9.5cm   £200 

REF No 37

CIMG5233 (3).JPG

Sycamore and Elm Vase 

The top and bottom are Elm and the rest is Sycamore

43cm x 26cm   £600 

REF No 36

CIMG5670 (2).JPG
CIMG5667 (2).JPG
CIMG5229 (2).JPG

Tall Vase 

Scottish Spalted Sycamore
36cm x 15cm  

REF No 35

Strange Vase and Bonus Bowl

The bottom half and the ball are Sycamore, the neck is Elm
40cm x 20cm   £210 

REF No 34

CIMG5006 (2).JPG
CIMG5002 (4).JPG

Donut Vase

Scottish Elm

47cm x 24cm  

£ 400

REF No 33



Ripple Bowl  

Spalted Sycamore

Bowl / Wall hanging

37.5cm x 6.5cm  

£ 200

REF No 32

Big Sycamore


Spalted Sycamore
43cm x 14cm

REF No 31

Elm Bowl

34cm x 7cm  

REF No 30

CIMG3118 (3).JPG

Blue Sycamore Bowl

Spalted Sycamore

30cm x 7cm  

£ 100


REF No 29

CIMG3250 (2).JPG
CIMG3485 (2) copy.jpg

Rustic Oak bowl

26cm x 6.5cm  

£ 80

REF No 28

Oak Green and Copper

Wall Platter 50cm x 4cm 


REF No 27

CIMG3019 (2).JPG

Wall Platter

51cm x 4 cm  £ 160

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Oak Red and Gold

REF No 26

Three Ball Vase 

Elm vase 50cm max-26cm x 19cm £280


REF No 25

CIMG3148 (2).JPG
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large platter a_edited.jpg
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Large Platter

Elm Wall Platter  66.5cm

£ 300

REF No 24

Elm Vase

Endway Sculpture 54cm x 19.5cm

£ 350

REF No 23

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Endway 2 Sculpture 70cm x 25.5cm


Elm Vase

REF No 22

Elm Vase

Elm Tripod Sculpture

70cm x 24cm £350

REF No 21

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REF No 20

Elm Hollow Form

REF No 19


Hollow Form

Sycamore Large Hollow Form

33cm x 19.5cm  £300

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REF No 18

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Sycamore Bowl 20cm x 10cm


Sycamore Bowl

REF No 17

Sycamore Bowl

Sycamore Bowl   21cm x 8.5cm  £90


REF No 16

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Elm Bowl 23.5cm x 9.5cm £80

Elm Bowl

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REF No 15

Green Sycamore Bowl

REF No 14


 Sycamore Large Lipped Pot 1  £70

REF No 12

 Sycamore Large Lipped Pot 1 £60

REF No 13

REF No 11

Elm Hollow Form £60

REF No 10

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Elm Large Lipped Pot £70

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